Sleep, a very short introduction by Steven Lockey and Russell Foster

Apart from reading novels, sometimes I spend some time reading scientific books, or at least non-fiction books. This time I have chosen to read the very short introduction about sleep (in the same collection as the Magnetism that Luis reviewed recently).

I am a biologist and at the moment I am studying the circadian clock of the fruit flies (I actually have a blog about it also), so learning something more about sleep is really important. The book covers obviously mostly the human sleep, but also most of the animals have an sleep period during the day (yes, also the flies sleep).

What I really liked about the book is that it makes a point about the importance of having a good sleep, and as a long sleeper, I appreciate that someone reminds everyone that a good night sleep is necessary for being healthy. In the book, they explain also some of the diseases related to circadian clocks, and how sleep deprivation and shift work is related with some cancer types and other physiological problems.

So if you want to live long and be healthy sleep tight.

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Zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz


Magnetism, A very short introduction by Stephen Blundell


This is an invited post from Luis. Hope you enjoy it

I was taking a look in my local local library, when I saw this book in the shelves. It cached my attention like a magnet catches iron particles. I always wanted to know more about magnetism. Some questions weren’t clear in my mind, for example, How does this force originate? Where does it come from? Continue reading