“The fall of giants” by Ken Follett

In the Bethnal Green library, I saw this book that a friend of mine has recommended. At the beginning I was scared by the dimensions, since as a non-English speaker, to attack this book was a great challenge. After a few pages, I got involved into the story, and I forgot that I was reading in another language.

Like the other books of Ken Follet, the story is really powerful, with different characters that tell their own point of view, to finally learn that all of them are related to each other. It’s a book about the first World War, about how it started, how it affected to some of the countries involved, and how it ended. Mixing fiction with historical events makes it easier to get an overview of how was this period of time.

It’s a good written book, along the same lines of Pillars of the Earth or A World Without End. This is the first time I’ve read something of Ken Follett in English, and I appreciated the use of the language. I will try to find the second book of the series in the library to know how it continues, and to revise the horrible period of World War II.