The shape of water, by Andrea Camilleri


As I already said before, I really like crime novels, so whenever I see a book by one of the best known authors, I can hardly resist. That happened with this one.

The books starts when two poor guys find the body of Silvio Luparello, a politician of Viagata. During the novel, you find out about the corruption and family relationships of Silvio. It represents very carefully the Italian atmosphere.

I’ve read previously some other books by Andrea Camilleri, and I really like his way of writing, but I found this book a bit less exciting than the previous ones. Maybe because it’s the first one of the series. I’ll read some more of his books, but I won’t recommend this one to anyone as the first book to read from Camilleri. The last one I read from him, “The wings of the sphinx” is much better. I like the explanation of the title (I can’t explain it without spoiling some of the details of the book)

The book, with its really nice cover, is published by Pan Macmillan.


Millenium series

One of the last crime novels that I got stacked at was this series. Actually I read the first book long time ago, and I wasn’t much excited about it. When I came into London, I went to the library, I found the second part of the book, and I decided to give a try, since it is was a crime novel. And then it happened… Continue reading