Magnetism, A very short introduction by Stephen Blundell


This is an invited post from Luis. Hope you enjoy it

I was taking a look in my local local library, when I saw this book in the shelves. It cached my attention like a magnet catches iron particles. I always wanted to know more about magnetism. Some questions weren’t clear in my mind, for example, How does this force originate? Where does it come from? Continue reading


Mr Chartwell, by Rebecca Hunt

Sometimes, when I’m feeling grumpy, bored or stressed, I like visiting a library or a bookshop. It feels like a sedative. Last time I had that feeling was before Christmas. I was stressed with moving home and moving the lab, when I went into the Whitechapel Library in London. And I found that they have a bookshop, that meets once in a month, and for the meeting in January they were reading Mr Chartwell, by Rebecca Hunt. After estimating the time left until the meeting and taking into consideration the thickness of the book, I decided to give it a try.

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South Kensington Books, London

Book sale now in South Kensington Books

Book sale now in South Kensington Books

This morning I had to go to Imperial College in London, where I have a collaborator. Since I arrived early to South Kensington station, I stopped by the South Kensington Books. I have always walked along, but without time to go in. And today I had a really nice surprise.

The bookshop, although not being big, has quite a big catalogue of books. Apart from fiction books, it has really nice sections of arts, history, fashion, cookery and science among others.  The children area is also quite big and has a wide range of titles.

In their webpage you can order books and buy e-books (I will have to talk about the sale of e-books at some point). Right now they are on sales and you can find really nice offers.

This very nice bookshop is located in Thurloe Street, and it’s a very good option if you are in the area, or if you are visiting some of the museums.

A Separate Development, by Christopher Hope

Around two months ago, I took this book from the library. When I started reading it, I found it interesting, although for various reasons, I stopped it for a long time. With a recent move to UCL in London, I have to take the bus to go to work. That’s when I decided to finish the book, and suddenly it seemed that it was the right moment to do it.

A book about Appartheid, a book which was censured in South Africa when it was published, seems a good book to read now that sadly Mandela has passed away. Continue reading

Brick Lane Bookshop

If you have been in London on a Sunday, and you haven’t been in Brick Lane Market you are missing one of the most original markets. A market to find almost all kinds of food, mixed with vintage clothes. Sometimes it could be a bit too crowded, but in one of the corners, you can find one of my favourites bookshops in London.

Sign of the Bookshop in Brick Lane

Sign of the Bookshop in Brick Lane

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My dream bookshop

For a long time I dreamed to open a bookshop, where I could read most of the books and recommend them to my clients. Actually, if I didn’t like science so much, I would really do it. I spent some time thinking about what should it have and how should it look like. My dream bookshop would have three different big sections, fiction, non-fiction and children.

What about putting this seat in the dream bookshop? Picture from

What about putting this seat in the dream bookshop? Picture from

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Millenium series

One of the last crime novels that I got stacked at was this series. Actually I read the first book long time ago, and I wasn’t much excited about it. When I came into London, I went to the library, I found the second part of the book, and I decided to give a try, since it is was a crime novel. And then it happened… Continue reading

Where do you read?


I recently was reading a book that I wasn’t able to leave, so I read it whenever it was possible. I even took it to the bathroom, and if I could I would have brought it to the shower. Sometimes I get obsessed with a book, and it is dangerous (for my eyes, for my back and for the relationship with my boyfriend). It happens specially with crime novels, where I’m so intrigued that I need to know what happens next.

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