“Déjà dead”, by Kathy Reichs

As you know, I love crime novels, and when I found out that there was a series of books written by a forensic anthropologist, I couldn’t resist the temptation to read it.


Anniversary edition of the Book

I really liked the book, because instead of focusing in the work done by the police, there is a more scientific view in the book. The action occurs in Montreal, where a woman is found in a plastic bag. The protagonist is Temperance Brenan (yes, the same as in the series “Bones” ) , a forensic anthropologist, who thinks that this murder is committed by a serial killer. The investigation will lead to unexpected findings that will affect her personal life.

We are in 1994, and the computers are not so common as today. It’s interesting to read how everything started to be automatized.

If you like a good crime novel, I would recommend this one. It is well written, and everything that is happening is well explained. Even if you don’t like the TV series, this is a very exciting novel, that keeps you tense throughout the whole book.

The book was published by Arrow


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