About the e-book

It has been a long time since I wanted to write about this topic in the blog. As I already told once, I was thinking for some time to buy an electronic book. I finally decided not to, and I bought a better telephone instead (and a fairer one, by the way). But I can see that there are many advantages of having one.

On Christmas, we bought an e-reader for my father, and when we went to the bookshop where we usually go, and asked for an e-book, the bookseller told us that they didn’t sell this, since it was their competitor. I don’t agree with this view, and I think many independent bookshops will lose lots of potential clients if they don’t adapt to the new ways of doing things. We had finally to go to one of the big bookshops to buy it.

The traditional book and the electronic book don’t need to be rivals, and they can both coexist. Actually, they should both coexist. They have different properties and they are appropriate for different types of person and for different situations. The small bookshops should understand that this is something that has come to stay, it’s not a temporal mode that will disappear in a couple of years. I found that in the UK, thanks to pages like The indie e-book shop you could buy e-books and support local bookshops at the same time (like South Kensington Books). Something like this should exist everywhere; either that or most of the small bookshops should have a stock of electronic books that they sell from their webpage.

In Spain there is the problem of thinking that it should be for free, and many times I have spoken with friend that read e-books of “strange” origin. This is something that would be improved if the e-books would be cheaper and more accessible, with wi-fi access in the bookshops, for example.

Do you use e-books? Where do you buy them?


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