Magnetism, A very short introduction by Stephen Blundell


This is an invited post from Luis. Hope you enjoy it

I was taking a look in my local local library, when I saw this book in the shelves. It cached my attention like a magnet catches iron particles. I always wanted to know more about magnetism. Some questions weren’t clear in my mind, for example, How does this force originate? Where does it come from?

By reading this book, you will get a clear vision of all the history of the magnetism, from the Greeks, to the most cutting edge discoveries. The matter is very well presented and explained, given the opportunity to understand it without any scientific knowledge.

I really like this series of books (“A very short introduction…”). I have read a couple of them and they give you a good starting point. But the thing that I like the most is that they encourage you to continue reading and learning about the topic by a list of “further reading”.

In conclusion this book (and other from this series) are really good reading to learn something new and they play a very important roll to spread the science among us. The books are published by Oxford University Press, and you can find the whole list here.



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