La suma de los días, by Isabel Allende

Christmas is time for feasts and family, but also a good time to catch-up with these books you had in the shelves for ages. I got this book in particular a couple of years ago, and it has travelled with me a couple of times; but this Christmas was the right time.

Isabel-Allende-credit-Lori-Barra-smI have read many of the novels from Isabel Allende, and I really enjoy them. I like her style, and the subjects she talks about. But that is the first autobiographic book I read from her. She published some year ago “Paula,” based on the story of her daughter, who died from porphyria. “La suma de los días” (or “The sum of our days” in the english version) is her second autobiographic book, telling the story from the moment of the publication of the book on.

She writes about the good and bad things happening in her family, with a touch of humor and tones of honesty. Beeing born in Chile, she confronts her style of family, like a troupe, where you live near most of your relatives, with living in the United States, where children leave home at 18 and they only come back for Thanksgiving.

I really enjoyed the bbook, and from now on, whenever I read a novel from her, I will feel more conected to it (actually I got as a Christmas present her last novel “El juego de ripper”).

The book was published by Circulo de Lectores


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