South Kensington Books, London

Book sale now in South Kensington Books

Book sale now in South Kensington Books

This morning I had to go to Imperial College in London, where I have a collaborator. Since I arrived early to South Kensington station, I stopped by the South Kensington Books. I have always walked along, but without time to go in. And today I had a really nice surprise.

The bookshop, although not being big, has quite a big catalogue of books. Apart from fiction books, it has really nice sections of arts, history, fashion, cookery and science among others.  The children area is also quite big and has a wide range of titles.

In their webpage you can order books and buy e-books (I will have to talk about the sale of e-books at some point). Right now they are on sales and you can find really nice offers.

This very nice bookshop is located in Thurloe Street, and it’s a very good option if you are in the area, or if you are visiting some of the museums.


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