Brick Lane Bookshop

If you have been in London on a Sunday, and you haven’t been in Brick Lane Market you are missing one of the most original markets. A market to find almost all kinds of food, mixed with vintage clothes. Sometimes it could be a bit too crowded, but in one of the corners, you can find one of my favourites bookshops in London.

Sign of the Bookshop in Brick Lane

Sign of the Bookshop in Brick Lane

The Brick Lane Bookshop is a small treasure, with a big collection of books. It has a rich section of books regarding the history of London, and specially East London. You can find also some interesting biographies, and of course, lots of fiction, with recommendation for the buyer (as I wanted for my dream bookshop). It has also a section for children, and some literature magazines. 

Reading in their webpage, I found out that they organize some events, and they even have a book club (more info here)

A good place to find the perfect Christmas present for all the family 


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