My dream bookshop

For a long time I dreamed to open a bookshop, where I could read most of the books and recommend them to my clients. Actually, if I didn’t like science so much, I would really do it. I spent some time thinking about what should it have and how should it look like. My dream bookshop would have three different big sections, fiction, non-fiction and children.

What about putting this seat in the dream bookshop? Picture from

What about putting this seat in the dream bookshop? Picture from

In non-fiction I would specialize in scientific books, for professionals, but most importantly, divulgation books. The diffusion of science, and the popular knowledge need to be increased if we want to make people aware of the importance of science. To strengthen this, I would invite know and unknown scientist to talk about their research and organize things like famelab (if you don’t know what is it, you could visit the webpage

The fiction section would be as many others, but there would be a part of a library, where you could borrow some of the books (by paying a small amount of money, and if you really like it, you could pay the rest). Of course, I would be able to recommend the books, depending on what they are looking for.

The kids section is a really important one. If you don’t teach the kids how important books are, they will never develop the passion for reading. That’s why this would be such an important part of the bookshop. I would have story telling regularly, and some space where they could sit with a book, with a possible space for the parents also.

One thing that you would find in my dream bookshop are places to sit and to take a look to the books you are interested. I find it difficult most times in the bookshops to find a place where you could have a feeling of how a book would be.

How would you build your dream bookshop? What would you add to mine? What do you like in a bookshop?


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