Millenium series

One of the last crime novels that I got stacked at was this series. Actually I read the first book long time ago, and I wasn’t much excited about it. When I came into London, I went to the library, I found the second part of the book, and I decided to give a try, since it is was a crime novel. And then it happened…

I don’t know what a book has to hook me into reading it day and night, but the last two books of the series really had it. The action happens really quick and you want to know more. How everything fits together, and how the different characters interrelate help with this feeling.

Another interesting feature of the book is the defence of women. It could be said that this is a feminist book, written by a man. And it shows also the current homophobic society.

I would recommend it, but only for someone who is passionate about crime novels. If you are not one of us, I think there are better books to read (including some crime novels). Have you read this books? Do you like them? Would you recommend it?


2 thoughts on “Millenium series

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