Where do you read?


I recently was reading a book that I wasn’t able to leave, so I read it whenever it was possible. I even took it to the bathroom, and if I could I would have brought it to the shower. Sometimes I get obsessed with a book, and it is dangerous (for my eyes, for my back and for the relationship with my boyfriend). It happens specially with crime novels, where I’m so intrigued that I need to know what happens next.

Except for these occasions, when I read all the time and everywhere, I tend to read in bed, before going to sleep. I read usually fully laid down, almost with the book over my head, while my boyfriend is seated. I now that for the back is better to read seated, but somehow, even though I try to stay upright I finally slip and finis laying down.

When I have most problems is on the beach. I usually start facing down, but at some point, my neck is hurting, so I turn face up, but usually the sun hits, and I can’t open the eyes. Am I the only one to have those problems?

Other point about reading is if you have ambient music while reading or not. If I have it I prefer that is a music that I know before, although sometimes I yield to the temptation to sing.

Where and how do you read? Do you prefer to read in bed or in a sofa?  Do you read with music?


One thought on “Where do you read?

  1. My typical reading spot at home is the couch in my living room, but I’ll read anywhere that it’s quiet (and unfortunately my living room doesn’t always fit that description, so I have to go find a less comfortable spot).

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