The white woman on the green bicycle, by Monique Roffey

I like to go to the library and look at what they have there. You could always find something new and interesting. That’s how I found this book, hidden in a shelf. As I’ve already written in the blog, I like cycling, so when I found the title of the book really attractive. The cover was also something that attracted me.


The book is about a couple who emigrates to the island of Trinidad, when it was part of the British empire. He is an expatriate of a British company, and she comes with him. The book starts when the couple is old, and they have a difficult relation. He finds a series of letters that she wrote years ago to the former president of Trinidad. This provokes a change in their relationship.

After this first chapter, the narrative changes, and we go back to the time when they arrived to Trinidad, and we see it from the point of view of Sabine. We learn how did she decided to start writing the letters, and how did she felt in a changing society, where there was plenty of racial problems.

I found the book entertaining. It gives the point of view of a white woman on the changes produced in Trinidad. I learnt what happened in this island after the retirement of the British, specially what happened to the white society.


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