The grapes of warth, John Steinbeck


First edition cover (1939)

Some time ago, in the reading group of which we are part, we read the classic book of “The grapes of warth” by John Steinbeck. Two of the members of the group decided that we should read it, and at the beginning, none of us was really in favor, but anyway we started reading it. The beginning was hard, since the second or third chapter is about how a tortoise moves (slowly), but then the action begins.

It begins with a boy that leaves the prison and meets his family. They are farmers that need to leave their land, and they are crossing US to go to California to find a job. It is incredible how a book writen in 1939 is so contemporary. With the big problem of the unemployment in Spain, the story about this family, whose land belongs to the bank and need to emigrate to find a job sounds sadly familiar. One of the parts that I found more touching is when they are looking for a job, and they found people on a strike because of the conditions. Anyway, since they need the work so much most of the people accepted any conditions offered to gain some money.

He wrote the book after a series of newspaper articles about the effects of the Great Depression. As most of you would know, Steinbeck won the Pulitzer Price with this book, and he would also win the Nobel Prize. I have read from him “Of mice and men”, also a really interesting book. If you are lazy, but want anyway to know about the story, you can always watch the Hollywood film by John Ford. There is also a theater play, and some music albums based on the book.


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