Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, USA

la foto 3After being in the conference I told you about, me and my boyfriend spent a week visiting Boston. One of the first things we did was to walk to Cambridge, to visit the MIT (he is an engineer and is in love with what they do there), and Harvard (as a biologist myself it was a must). For the ones who had been in Boston, we walked to Cambridge from the center of Boston, in a very hot and humid day. That’s why we visited almost every shop in our way, especially in the bookshops. We went to the university bookshop, visited the MIT museum, found a game shop and when we were almost in Harvard Square we found this nice bookshop: Harvard Book Store   

What is this book over there?

What is this book over there?

Is an independent bookshop, with many books (there are so many that you need a ladder to see the books in the top) . It has different sections, as well as a big  basement with second hand books (we bought there a book of lateral thinking that I will review some day). For me was surprising to see a whole shelve with music books, but you could find also science books, cook books and almost anything you wanted. They had also some quiet spots, where you could sit and have a look to the books you want to buy

As I’ve seen in their webpage they organize some events, book presentations, readings…

I would highly recommend to visit this place if you are a bookworm. You could spend hours sourrounded by thousands of books. A must if you are near and you don’t know it.

What do you like the most of a bookstore? Do you like if they have a cafe inside? Do you have any favourite bookshop near your home?


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