A game of thrones, George R R Martin


Me reading this book.
In the background the phrase “Live reading”

After being the whole day trying to write something coherent for a fellowship I’m trying to apply (Marie Curie fellowship, for those who are in research), I need to write anything else. That’s why I decided to start this post, about the famous book in which is based the even more famous TV series.

I have to recognize that I am not a big fan of fantasy books, but after many people recommended this book, I gave a try and look for it in the library. I had to reserve it, and wait two or three weeks until I finally got it, and since it’s such a famous book, I couldn’t renew it. So, there you have us (my boyfriend wanted to read it too), the two of us, with one book of 400 pages, and three weeks to finish it. Impossible. He had to reserve it again, so we had an intermission, as in the films in the past.

The book is really interesting and more or less easy to read (even reading in English). You get hooked within the first pages, and then it’s hard to find time for anythin else. One of the points for creating such addiction is the way is divided in chapters with different characters. For example, my favourite character is Ayra, one of the daughters of Ned Stark, and what happens to me is that when I finish one of her chapters, I want to continue reading to know what happens to her. It is also remarkable, that almost at the end of most chapters, something unexpected happens, to maintain the intrigue.

Once we finished the book, we saw the first season of the series. It’s quite similar to the book, but it adds more sex and blood scenes. The adaptation is tolerable (at least the first season), but now, reading the second book, I always imagine the characters with the faces in the series.

Have you read the books or seen the series? What have you liked most? Which is your favourite character?


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