“Plomo en los bolsillos” by Ander Izagirre


Podium in Paris of the Tour of 2013

This Saturday starts one of the biggest events of the year, the Tour de France, that this year will celebrate the 100th edition. Although Wiggins won’t be there this year, the competition is ensured, with Froome, and of course, with Contador. I am a big fan of cycling, specially of the Tour, that I have started watching on the TV when I was a child, with my brother and my aunt. For this occasion I would like to recommend a book that tells the history of this race from the beginning. Both fun and full of information, but I miss some pictures. It’s written by Ander Izagirre, and the title is “Plomo en los bolsillos”. For the moment it is only in Spanish, but if you know it and want to read it, you can buy it here. It is published in a small editorial, a rare thing these last days.

Even if you are not a big fan of this sport, you can enjoy some nice reading, with really funny anecdotes, and a view from inside the race. From the very beginning, where the cyclists had to pay themselves for everything, and had to ride even at night, to the doping, a big problem (not only in this sport). From the suffering of the cyclists climbing the mountains, to the legendary winners of 5 tours. It doesn’t include the controversy with Armstrong, since the book is from last year.

To remember how was the Tour, it has been produced a new documentary, called “The Tour, the legend of the race”, and here is the trailer. Is it going to be in the spanish television, but it is possible to buy it online.

A good preparation for this year’s race, and to finish a video of what is going to be like this year’s Tour. Let the best win!!!  


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